Dienstag, 29. Mai 2012

If you are...

Folgenden genialen Aushang hat ein Freund auf den Philippinen entdeckt:

If you are                                                           your church

An Iglesia                                                          FELIX MANALO founded it in 1914 in the Philippines

A Pentecostal e.G.                                         it was formaly organized in HOT SPRINGS; ARKANSA
Assemblies of God                                         U.S.A. in 1914

An Aglipayan                                                   Ex – Catholic GRGORIO AGLIPAY founded itin 1902
                                                                        in the Philippines

A Jehovas Witness                                         CHARLES TAZE RUSSEL founded it in 1870 in     
            Pennsylvenia U.S.A.

A Sevens Day Adventist                              It was formally organized in United States in 1863

A Mormon                                                         JOSEPH SMITH founded it in Palmyra, New York in
Latter Day Saints

A Methodist                                                     JOHN and CHARLES WESLEY founded it in England in

An Episcopalian                                              SAMUEL SEABURRY broke from the Church of England
Founded it in America in the 17th century

A Baptist                                                            JOHN SMITH launched it in Holland in 1560

A Presbyterian                                                JOHN KNOX founded it in Scotland in 1560

An Anglican                                                      KING HENRY VIII funded the church of England in 1534 because the Pope would not grant him a divorce with the right to remarry

A Lutheran                                                        Ex – Catholic monk LUTHER founded it in 1517

A ROMAN CATHOLIC                                     JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD, founded it in the year 33 and the church has not changed since this time

Do you belong to the right church?
Is your church founded by GOD or by man?
The above facts are undeniable and speak for themselves!

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  1. aufgrund GANZ komischer Umstände (wieder) gefunden und bewundert....